{W} Advisor


Gouri Mirpuri

Gouri started life in academia, slipped to “the dark side” of corporate image making and manipulating, but is now doing things that make her very happy and people around her (hopefully) even happier. Today she is proudest of being Co-Founder of The HUB Singapore, as well as the main force and strategist behind The Learning Farm, a residential programme which re-habilitates Indonesia’s vulnerable street youth through organic farming.

Gouri calls herself a “backyard activist” and has over the years founded several community-based initiatives including Connected for Good, I-Hear, The Curry Pot Chain, and Cartoons to Change the World. Gouri used to be the environmental columnist for a serious news magazine, editor at a serious publishing house, and writer of numerous not-so-serious books. Her last two publications are Eco Heroes of Indonesia and The Jungle School.

Gouri has a Masters in Linguistics from NUS. She has lived in many cities in her peripatetic life including New York, Kuala Lumpur, London, Canberra, Calcutta and Jakarta. Though currently her home is Washington DC, her heart is really with The HUB Singapore.